The WellBeing 2023 Diaries

How do you know if a WellBeing product is genuine?  We had to find out …

Here’s the secret – if you look closely at any copy of WellBeing Magazine you’ll see the dot on the ‘i’ in ‘being’ is a bird flying through the moon.  This became the symbol of the new 2023 Diary range. Like the famous moon-bird of Tierra del Fuego -- who flew to the moon and back – the publishers hope their own The Paper Pocket 2023 WellBeing Diaries and Calendars will go far and achieve great things.

Here’s a snapshot of the WellBeing brand concept

  • WellBeing is earthy, essential, and inspired by nature
  • WellBeing delights in the existence of light and light and shade
  • WellBeing as its feet on the ground its heart in the sky – at once both real and inspirational


By The Inspired Gift Genie

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