Paper Pocket - Owls 2021 Calendar
Owls 2021 Calendar
Owls 2021 Calendar
Owls 2021 Calendar
Paper Pocket

Owls 2021 Calendar

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What makes owls so mysterious to us? They have had a powerful hold on the human imagination for centuries, appearing as warnings of doom and as symbols of wisdom. A wise owl once said, "Mark it on a calendar, for you will not remember otherwise." Let this wisdom guide 2021 calendar you through the year ahead and be your most organised self.

Additional Information:

Number of months: 12 months

Additional content: 2022 mini date grid (from Jan 2022 to June 2022)

Grid Start Day: Monday

Holidays & School Terms: AU & NZ

Size: 300 x 300 mm (closed) | 300 x 600 mm (open)

Weight: 250 grams

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