Australia’s No 1 Garden Diary – The Life is A Garden 2023 Diary

This is the famous garden diary that is eagerly awaited by garden lovers throughout Australia.

Why?  We select every image with a true appreciation of what gardeners love. Every page is a bounty of freshness and beauty.

Gift Genie got to see behind the scenes at Life is a Garden and a great deal goes in to making sure the images are beautiful, seasonal, and inspiring to someone loves gardening.  Every single shot must have the right “feeling”.

See also the Life is a Garden Calendar which partners with this product. Also see the Australian Country Gardens Diary from Australian Country Magazine on this site.

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Creative Gifts by Creative People – the 2023 Diary Range by The Paper Pocket Group

We’ve realised why we love the The Paper Pocket Group new 2023 Diary range – it’s the dream-child of the creatives behind WellBeing Magazine.   The WellBeing readership community was engaged in the development of ideas for the products in the range – that’s why we love ‘em.

A spokesperson for the brand said “For many creative people the year past has been an extraordinary time.  At WellBeing we embrace the challenges and the changes of the times and say “bring us another year now”.  Embracing life is about keeping focus, being prepared, making a plan, seeing it fall over, and starting again.  Our diaries and planners are designed to give real space to focus the mind, with inspiration for the soul”.

WellBeing is an Imprint of Universal Media Co and supplies content to the Paper Pocket Calendar and Diary Group.

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The WellBeing 2023 Diaries

How do you know if a WellBeing product is genuine?  We had to find out …

Here’s the secret – if you look closely at any copy of WellBeing Magazine you’ll see the dot on the ‘i’ in ‘being’ is a bird flying through the moon.  This became the symbol of the new 2023 Diary range. Like the famous moon-bird of Tierra del Fuego -- who flew to the moon and back – the publishers hope their own The Paper Pocket 2023 WellBeing Diaries and Calendars will go far and achieve great things.

Here’s a snapshot of the WellBeing brand concept

  • WellBeing is earthy, essential, and inspired by nature
  • WellBeing delights in the existence of light and light and shade
  • WellBeing as its feet on the ground its heart in the sky – at once both real and inspirational


By The Inspired Gift Genie


Gifting Inspirational – ‘Sky’ 2023 Diary

Gifting is EASY… here’s why – everyone loves a brightly lit sky. 

It’s that “everyone loves it” factor you’re looking for when buying a gift and that’s what has been captured in the latest of the The Paper Pocket Group Range – the 2023 Sky Diary. 

This product that inspires with stunning imagery of Mother Nature’s best skies  - dawn pinks, evening fire, indigo dusks, and stunning cloudscapes.  It will work as an end-of-year gift for your boss, as a Christmas gift for your mum, or a New Year gift for your man.

This 2023 Diary is one you can buy with confidence for a variety of people because who doesn’t love skies?

By The Inspired Gift Genie

Inspirational Gifts for Men –  ‘Coast’ 2023 Diary by The Paper Pocket Group

Sky, Surf, Sand and Sun are the palette for Coast – the latest 2023 Diary by The Paper Pocket Group.    Most blokes love nature photography and have a dream of being out there – so indulge your man a little with something that connects him to nature all year.  The rugged seascapes from around the world that feature in Coast 2023 Diary tell a story of strength, change, challenge and power.


This is nature photography at its most seductive in a week-to-a-view planner format that is practical and inspiring.  Coast 2023 Diary is part of a series that also includes Sky 2023 and Forest 2023.


By The Inspired Gift Genie


Inspirational Gifts from the Forest – ‘Forest’ is Paper Pocket’s latest 2023 Diary


Be transported to parts of the globe where nature irrepressibly takes all in its path.  Forests are places where nature rules supreme and humans find peace in her bower.  It’s this feeling of connection to nature that the folk at Moon Bird bring to life in this week-to-a-view diary/planner for 2023.


The 2023 diary features a curated selection of 52 enchanting forest images.  This is nature photography with a purpose beyond adventure travel voyeurism – it’s a selection that’s designed to reveal, entertain, and inspire all year.


By The Inspired Gift Genie

Colour someone’s World with the ‘Sky’ 2023 Diary


If life is a blank page, and you know someone who has the colours in them, inspire theme very day with Sky 2023 Diary by The Paper Pocket Group.  The azure, tangerine and coral wonder show cast in to the sky by Mother Nature every day is stunningly translated in to this week-to-a-view diary.  The team at Moon Bird HQ have selected simply the best sky shots from around the world to make a diary product that shines, reveals and inspires.  Scientists have long known that colour affects us at the subconscious level – affecting the behaviour, nature and character of people. Colour in the sky creates a sense of wonder that is hard to beat – especially when served daily with Diary that reflects nature’s beauty to you.


By The Inspired Gift Genie

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