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2018 Billie Life Guide Series SAGGITARIUS Diary

BARCODE : 978-0-9875715-0-2

November 23- December 21

Optimistic Funny Adventurous

Billie. Presents the Essential Life Guide series of 2017 diaries for each of the astrological star signs. Each diary encompasses the necessary day to day moods, feelings and expert predictions to take each girl on her journey for 2017 through daily horoscopes. Each girl has her own characteristics, story and identity based on their star sign that girls can relate to each and every day!Relationship and compatibilty focused, Billie and her squad, T.K Swift and Jinx will be your daily source of inspiration and dose of reality for the year ahead.

This year each diary is an iconic symbol for girls and their #squad inspired by pop icons of today including The Kardashians, 5Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber, Game of Thrones and Beyonce!

Hi, Iメm Sage...

Some might call me a charmer. I love making friends and meeting new people, and youメll often find me in line for the hottest new spot found on Insta, just waiting to see what the latest craze is about or if I can really fit a burger and milkshake in my mouth at the same time!

Pages: 160 pages
Week View: Weekly
Size: 150mm x 210mm - Portrait
Additional Features: Celebrity birthdays- monthly horoscope- daily oneliner to put a smile on your dial- love compatibilty chart- super important World Days not to miss!

$19.95 $9.98