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2017  Born to be Wild Calendar
While their lives are blissful and full of play, our fur friends like to let their hairs down too! (..
2017 Australian Working Dogs Calendar
A tribute to aussie working dogs. Australian Working dog breeds were made to be tough, smart and loy..
2017 Border Collies Calendar
Intelligent and friendly, the lovable Border Collie is a much-loved breed of dog Australia-wide — an..
2017 Caviliers Calendar
This collection of images found inside the calendar reflects the warmeth and charm of this family-fa..
2017 Dogs Life Calendar
From Border Collies to Beagles, this calendar will never leave you without a canine companion in 201..
2017 Jack Russells Calendar
Eager and energetic, when a Jack Russell’s ears perk up, you know it means business. This calendar c..
2017 Puppies in a Pickle Calendar
Marvel at the hilarious and downright adorable situations these pesky puppies get themselves into. H..
2017 Staffordshire Terrier Calendar
Staffordshire Bull Terriers, otherwise known as staffys, are a firm favourite in Austral..